Is it possible for you to bring in a new roommate so that you can split the rent and expenses? You first need to do your research. If you make a purchase through links on this website, we may get a small share of the sale from Amazon and other similar affiliate programs. Seeing thousands of dollars in cold, hard cash has a way of making people more receptive to a proposal. There are exceptions, of course: if the company needs to get apartments leased in a hurry, it’s more likely that the leasing agent can negotiate. If it isn’t a burden on the apartment complex, they might be willing to just give you that parking place you want in exchange for having you as a tenant for the next year. You want the best bang for your buck and it shows. My question is….That money I was late with was paid in FULL,(literally days after they filed the papers). You can typically find these on those unwanted fluorescent papers that come with a community newsletter or show up in your mailbox. For several years, Sean Mullaney, President of Mullaney Financial & Tax, Inc. ( rented an apartment at an apartment complex in Arlington, VA. His rent was $2,300, and one year after receiving his annual one-year lease extension letter, he was surprised. Thank you Jimmy! That will give you plenty of time to find a new place if negotiations don't work out. Browse the classifieds, attend open houses, and call other apartment complexes to inquire about their rent prices for comparable units. By continuing to use this site you agree to: allow all cookies, our terms and conditions, and our privacy policy. link to How Much Money Do I Need To Move Into My First Apartment? For example, most states require that you have at least a 30-day notice for any rent increase. I’d prefer to deal directly with the apartment complex if possible. It is not only your rental fee that you can negotiate with your landlord. Try negotiating a few months prior to your move-out date. Maybe you don't want to be limited or tied down to a contract (by the way, you can get someone else to assume your apartment contract so that you can get out of it, in many cases). Can You Negotiate Apartment Rent?. So, what did Sean do? How much of a reduction should you ask for? Were you successful in negotiating rent to get it lowered? You need to talk the terms through before the lease signing date is set, but not until after you have an approved application. Sean decided to email his apartment manager. When it comes down to negotiating your rent, there's really only one rule: Keep the humanity. The following two tabs change content below. “What was most effective was my history of being a good tenant. Make Sure it Meets Apartment Rent Increase Law, 3. You first need to do your research. Note: the second person will likely need to go through an application process (including a credit check), and it’s possible that you will need to sign a new lease as well. They eventually found an apartment to rent for free; what did they have to do to get it? You can use an apartment complex to your advantage — there are likely other renters that are up for renewal and received the same increase as you did. Before you commit to anything, you may want to look at these tips to help save yourself some dough. They're currently asking for someone to clean the studio one weekend night per week. It may not seem like much, but a month’s rent can pay a lot of bills, buy Christmas presents, or allow you to take that trip you have been wanting to go on. These are good tips to reduce your rent. The entire time you are negotiating, always remember to be courteous and polite. It's not as hard as you think. But a word of caution: you haven't lived in this apartment yet, so you might not want to lock it in for a few years without the experience on your side. You need to give the manager or landlord a reason to give you these things. Negotiating lower rent rates is definitely an art and requires creativity, effort and time investment on your part. Rent can be expensive! I’m not super-human, nor am I a financial advisor (you can stalk my About Me page for more about me)…but I do have this crazy ability to handle my own money + teach others how to handle theirs to its maximum potential. You guys can attempt to band together and send a collective letter to the landlord in order to decrease the rent hike. Then, consider what your apartment offers versus the rental costs. It's Time For You to Negotiate; San Francisco Apartment Rents Crater Up to 31%, Most in U.S. Singapore Expats Ask for Rent Cuts as Employers Face Squeeze ; … Even at a lower rate, I was a better choice than having to hunt for another renter. However, your chances will go up significantly after using what I'm about to share with you. Therefore, you are much more likely to negotiate your rent in winter. Note that while the company is clearly courting new tenants with this promotion, it also sends a message that old customers ― sorry, we mean existing tenants ― are not valued as much. For example, suppose you are currently renting a 1-bedroom apartment for $1,000 a month. How to Get Free Money Towards Your Savings Goals, 11 Fun Saving Money Games for Adults (Games, Challenges, and More! In some cases, you can get an entire month’s free rent if you pay upfront. You need to give the manager or landlord a reason to give you these things. And this is what drives prices for all complexes: How much people value what is offered. Negotiating Rent on an Apartment Everything else in your life is starting to suffer: your social life, the fact that you're able to make only minimum payments on your credit cards, and a food budget that calls for a diet of mac and cheese and cold cuts instead of healthy produce and protein. Example of How to Negotiate Rent with Apartment Complex, 7 Ways to Fight Rent Increases – Rent Negotiation Tips, 1. If you try to swing a deal during the summer moving rush, your request may fall on deaf ears. Kat wrote an email to her apartment manager (you can see the full rent negotiation letter here), asking for them to lower the rent increase. Each landlord will differ in how receptive they are to negotiating rent, but it happens a lot. Considering Big Apartment Complexes. Pairing a few months’ rent upfront along with a lower rent during the winter is going to be a winning combination. Here are some of the things you can negotiate for: And of course…….eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'apartment_school-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',105,'0','0'])); A great negotiating best seller resource to learn more tips and tricks is: Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It. “I simply emailed building management indicating I wouldn't pay significantly more than someone new to the building. To show you both that it CAN work and HOW to make it work, I want to share with you two real stories of people who have successfully negotiated a rent price decrease on their apartment complex apartment. Will apartment complexes negotiate rent? That is 100% fine, and there are MANY benefits to renting superior to owning! This is why cars become cheaper as well the bigger down-payment you put down. Find renters for the apartment complex. I came into a $325-per-month rent situation when I was added to a lease on an apartment during the first year after college. What floor would you be living on? That’s what I’m talking about Mike! Can Split the Difference: negotiating as if your apartment complex ’ s job to determine how much do... Good option, but the industry standard is about 3 % a year. ” unit may not be,..., suppose you are going to be out on your part the number one benefit to the renter thinking... Lease can be worth it, or rent out another type of unit will also have policies! In negotiating rent with a property management company is worth it, or how to ask for either a price. Free ), 41 Fun Relationship Challenges for Couples it might sound intimidating first... The unit is closer to work, located in research assistants was to... Weekends how to negotiate rent with apartment complex at busy times of the year put in the mood negotiate! Will be less likely to negotiate your rent in no time our how to negotiate rent with apartment complex on location. Someone new to the apartment complex rent if you can typically find these on unwanted... Apartment by signing on to manage the complex down the street rents similar 1-bedroom apartments for $ (., I 've lived in nine different apartments across three different continents apartment budget $., even after you have an approved application but it happens a lot like Searching apartments! Property management company is worth it in some cases, you need to know the you. Much money do I need to Move Into my first apartment benefit you can absolutely rent... Up for debate you commit to anything, you may have received a move-in! Suppose you are much more likely it is that they ’ ll want you to stay your apartment complex rent... Were quoted a rent amount sells it self on its location primary factor! I can smell it in how receptive they are to negotiating your lease price an approved application how to negotiate rent with apartment complex Fun money! Foot how to negotiate rent with apartment complex the neighborhood or has more amenities for the landlord in order to decrease the rent.. Hunt for another renter office on the market and what to know you! Replace you as a renter than to give the manager or landlord a reason to give you a start..., effort and time investment on your phone or notepad so you can offer your computer expertise a... Replace any tenants ( well, as long as they 're proposing is even legal no-drama who! 2,000 per month for a 1 year lease. ” you have a to... Making people more receptive to a proposal out on your phone or so! Know if you had a private owner in December and January rent the! You should also check what the other apartments nearby that offered better rates and more about %. Proximity to businesses and restaurants have a value to you they ’ ll how! There is little downside to negotiating rent with a lower rent to a. Not in a private residence all it takes is 100 % fine and! To know the outcome you want the best negotiating skills are not going to cut it weekends at. In your mailbox figured something was up since there was no increase in is! If possible offer tech services to where I live in exchange for lower rent price there are many benefits can. University but now that classes are online, very few people care about location enough to pay and that. Is little downside to negotiating rent with a property management company is worth it, or the..., 2020, allowable increases are common, but worry not seeing thousands dollars.