It has glossy dark green leaves and intense blue fruit. Southern arrowwood, also known as Arrowwood viburnum, is valued for its durability and utility in the landscape. ... Prune out and discard any damaged branches or twigs. ‘Chicago Lustre’ is a 10 foot tall, upright selection with dark glossy foliage. How you prune a Viburnum will depend on the variety: Snowball Viburnum (V. macrocephalum) This shrub or small tree flowers on old wood, so do not prune until after it flowers. The native shrub makes a great screen, informal hedge, and is useful in groupings and masses, or as filler in the border. How to plant containers Some people find the fragrance of Viburnum dentatum on the strong, almost offensive side. Growing tips. Linden Viburnum (V. dilatatum): Linden viburnum grows to 8 to10 feet tall and not quite as wide. Tolerates dry, moist or wet sites ‘Blue Muffin’ grows to 5 to 7 feet tall and 2 to 4 feet wide. Blue Muffin Viburnum Spacing. Southern arrowwood's ornamental features include white, flat-topped flowers in late spring, ink-blue fruits in September, and wine-red fall color. Monday - Friday; 9am - 3pm; Finke Gardens & Nursery. It can be used as focal plant in the garden, in mass or as a hedge when planted on 5 ft. centers. Renewal prune out the oldest, thickest stems every 3 years or so allowing the younger, thinner stems to flower and make fruit to enjoy. No serious insect or disease issues. For the best looking hedge, grow it untrimmed on top. Plant additional Arrowwood Viburnums (Viburnum dentatum) nearby to pollinate Blue Muffin … Arrowwood viburnum is a big plant even though dwarfish cultivars are often listed. You can reliably count on arrowwood viburnum to provide two strong seasons of interest. Check-out our video series on pruning shrubs. Blue Muffin viburnum fits that bill, growing 3 to 5 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide. Do not compost this debris for mulch. 500 N. 66th Street. Blue Muffin is a dwarf cultivar of the native Arrowwood viburnum. It displays excellent salt tolerance in coastal areas making it an all-around plant. Viburnum dentatum is a shrub with wonderful fall color. Then prune it as desired to thin out old branches, open up the shrub, reduce height or develop a better shape. The Blue Muffin Viburnum is deer resistant which is an awesome bonus! As they get bigger - you can prune them up from the bottom and plant your favorite shade plants. Lincoln, NE 68505-2406 (402) 466-1995 Most gardeners plant Blue Muffin Viburnum along a border or foundation. The viburnum leaf beetle (Pyrrhalta viburni) is threatening viburnums in gardens and in the wild throughout the eastern united states. Variety or Cultivar 'Blue Muffin' _ 'Blue Muffin' is an upright to rounded, deciduous shrub with ovate, toothed, glossy, dark green leaves turning yellow, orange, or red in autumn, and, in late spring and early summer, flattened clusters of tiny, tubular, white flowers followed by blue … Plant in groups of 3 or 5 if you need to shield a view from a neighbor or want a salt tolerant shrub near a road. If fruit is desired, another cultivar (such as Chicago Lustre or … Blue Muffin makes a wonderful screen or hedge plant. The bright blue berries pop; Attracts bees and birds; It can be used as a hedge plant in the landscape. Thrives in sun or shade; Adaptable! These will develop into bright blue fruits that are attractive to migratory birds. Clusters of creamy-white flowers bloom in late spring. Spring flowers are white and appear in clusters that measure two to four inches across. ... 'Blue Muffin' arrowwood is among the viburnums threatened by the beetles. Blue Muffin®, a relatively new selection from Wisconsin nurseryman Tom Watson and marketed under the Proven Winner® banner, was originally described as growing 4 to 5 feet tall. Viburnum Viburnum.